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“If it weren’t for my horse…”

Posted by kozemp on August 5, 2009

Now for another entry in our occasional series of things I can never un-hear. All are spoken by actual humans. Well, perhaps not humans.

Today’s gem once again comes from a group of mothers lunching at one of Newtown’s many delightful eateries. I didn’t catch what the entire conversation was about, but for one instant, almost as by design, all the other ambient sounds in the room dropped out so that I might clearly hear the oldest of the bunch say:

“So I saw that my next door neighbor was out in her yard wearing overalls and a nice white cap, and you know she has such a deep tan, so I said to her, ‘oh, you look just like a little landscaper!'”

I heard that and I thought, “wow, so that’s how you say horrifyingly racist things in public and get away with it.”

How you do that twice, actually, now that I think about it.



One Response to ““If it weren’t for my horse…””

  1. slerock said

    Old people are so lucky. They get to say racist things and they don’t get in trouble. I wish I was old. OK, fine, I wish I was REALLY old.

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