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IM Fun: HEALTHCARE REFORM ZOMG DEATH!!!!!!1111oneoneshift_one

Posted by kozemp on March 22, 2010

Me: Yay! We’re socialists!

Stephen: YAAAAY!
Stephen: Our day has come!
Stephen: Arrrriiiiiiiise!
Stephen: Ye victims of oppression!

Me: Do I count as a victim of oppression?

Stephen: Yes?
Stephen: YES!
Stephen: We are not the owners.
Stephen: Therefore we are the workers.

Me: I own things.
Me: And I’m unemployed.

Stephen: Do you own people?
Stephen: Property?
Stephen: Ah.
Stephen: Then you must go to a camp.

Me: Like, summer camp?

Stephen: There is a work farm in Missouri.
Stephen: You will make widgets for our glorious leader.

Me: That doesn’t sound like summer camp.

Stephen: They will come for you.
Stephen: It has already begun.

Me: I knew I should have voted for Kodos.



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