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CLASSIC: The next time we hang out, I will redeem myself.

Posted by kozemp on August 8, 2011

A little while back I was walking past a bar in a casino after a mildly disappointing round of Texas-style Hold’em when a cocktail waitress I knew from another casino came by. We headed in, I bought some drinks, we got to talking, and at one point she looked at me like I had three heads.

“Are you actually enjoying this song?” she asked. Apparently I had been lightly bopping my head to the techno song that was playing over the bar speakers.

It is important to note that I cannot discern the words of this song, merely that I can hear the backing tracks and that I am aware of vocals which I cannot make out.

“Yeah, it’s not bad,” I said. “It’s well-put-together.”

She gave me an indulgent smile. “Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure,” I said, and I began to launch into an exegesis on how to construct a good techno track.

She interrupted me about halfway into my second sentence and said, still smiling, “this is Miley Cyrus.”

I said, “it’s wha?”

“Miley Cyrus,” she said. “You know, from Hannah Montana? On the Disney Channel? My niece loves it. She’s eight.”

I opened and closed my mouth a few times, trying to say something. What eventually came out was: “Yes. I see. Well.” (pause) “Yes.” (longer pause) “It’s still put together pretty well.” (pause) “Yes.” (pause) “Fucking hell.”

Flash forward a couple weeks after that. I’m on vacation at Disney World, it’s our last day, and my family and I are at Epcot. They tell me repeatedly that I should do the Test Track ride while they go get lunch – there’s no FastPasses left, but the wait for a single person is only 30 minutes (as opposed to 130 minutes for a group), and that gives them time to go eat in the restaurant in Mexico (which I do not want to go to) while I wait.

“It’s worth half an hour,” my father says. When we used to go when I was a kid I thought my Dad was something of a wuss when it came to rides, but after a) aging 15 years since my last trip, and b) riding Mission Space a few days before that and wishing afterwards that Poseidon would impale me on his trident and end my misery, my views on rides have gotten a lot closer to his. So on his advice I get in line for Test Track. This is actually going to be the only line I will have waited in the entire trip, so before they go to lunch I fish my iPod out of my bag.

Apparently the volume on my iPod is far too loud, since a few minutes later while I’m standing in line, a little girl in front of me who might have been 10 or 11 pokes me in the arm. I reach into my pocket to pause the iPod and say, “yes?”

She says, “are you listening to Miley Cyrus?”

“No,” I say, far too quickly to fool anyone over the age of 13.

She actually looks at me with suspicion – her brow furrows and she squints at me – and says, “it sure SOUNDS like Miley Cyrus.”

“No, no, no,” I again say way too quickly, giving a laugh that, again, only a child of this age wouldn’t recognize as pathetically fake. I reach into my pocket to pull out the iPod and surreptitiously hit the “Track Forward” button as many times as I can before pulling it out. “It’s…” I look at the screen to see what’s come up. “Motorhead.”


“What’s Motorhead?” the little girl asks.


“It’s, er…” How to explain this to a ten-year-old girl? “Well, they’re a band.”

“Oh,” she says. She pauses for a moment. “Do they listen to Miley Cyrus? They sound a lot like her.”

I say, “I doubt very much that they do.”

“Are you SURE you weren’t listening to Miley Cyrus?” she asks me again, clearly not sold on the idea.

“Nope,” I say. “Motorhead, baby!”

Weakly, I put up the horns.

The doors to the ride mercifully open at this point – the wait ended up being more like three minutes, though the longest three minutes of my life – and that disappointed voice in the back of my brain says, “you have sunk to a new low.”



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