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You can’t spell “Eto’o” without “TO”

Posted by kozemp on July 28, 2009

From Samuel Eto’s press unveiling in Milan, on the issue of whether or not him and Jose are bestest buds:

“‘ I never said those words that were attributed to me,’ he said. ‘There is also a tape which proves it and, in any case, that was after an intense game.'”

If you never said it and there’s a tape to prove it, why does it matter when you didn’t say it on tape?

When you consider the combination of how good he is with how badly Barca have been trying to get rid of him the last few years, Jesus fuck Eto’o must be one of the all-time great locker room cancers. Perhaps he should try plying his trade in Buffalo…

I hear Buffalo is lovely this time of… well… just this week, actually.



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